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  • Noyes Advises Those with Donor Advised Funds

    People with donor advised funds can put their funds to work immediately to address pressing social problems. Unfortunately, most wait a long time to fully disburse their funds, some for as long as 10 years, which has led to $50 billion sitting idle in donor advised funds. This needs to change! To help make that change, we are partnering with donors who want advice about how to make grants to organizations that align with their values. Learn more by watching this video.

  • Divest Invest Philanthropy Pledges by 100 Foundations and Family Offices

    The global divestment movement now has 100 philanthropic signatories committed to divesting themselves of fossil fuels and invest in the low carbon economy. The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation was one of the first twenty foundations to sign on. In total, these 100 foundations represent over $5 billion in assets under management. Among the goals are to turn off the flow of capital into the fossil fuel industry and to increase investment opportunities in clean energy and renewables. MORE

  • Noyes Foundation Has Moved

    New address: 

    Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

    122 East 42nd Street, Suite 2501

    New York, N.Y. 10168

    The phone number remains the same: 212-684-6577.

  • Shareholder Engagement Gets Results

    In April 2014, Noyes joined other investors objecting to the proposed building on the Palisades by the South Korean electronics firm, LG. "As shareholders and potential investors in LG Electronics (representing $294+ billion in assets under management) … we strongly advise the company not to proceed with its current plans to build a 143-foot-high building which would spoil these scenic vistas for everyone except LG itself." In June LG came to an agreement with its opponents to reduce its planned building. Instead of rising 143 feet, its new building will be just under 70 feet high.

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