President Search for the Foundation

The Board and staff of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation are proud of the work we do to support grassroots organizations and movements working to change environmental, social, economic and political conditions in the United States. We continue to pursue opportunities to increase our impact and deepen our commitment to creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

We are announcing an exciting opportunity for a committed and visionary nonprofit leader to join us as Noyes’ new President and build on seventy years of social change work. This motivated and ambitious leader will shape and enhance Noyes’ grantmaking and impact investing strategy, help to build Board capacity, and seize near- and long-term opportunities for increased impact in the field of social justice. Find out more about this opportunity.

As we initiate a nationwide search for a new President, Noyes will continue to play a pivotal role in supporting grassroots organizations and movements in order to effect social change. The commitment of our grantees and the communities we serve continues to be the bedrock that allows us to drive social change movements forward and create a more equitable world.