Moving forward together to advance equity and justice

Despite the pandemic and deliberate barriers to prevent Black and brown people and new Americans from casting their ballots, voters have done our job and turned out in record numbers fighting for an America that works for all of us. We have witnessed the power of people to uphold the basis of democracy as voters have decided the future leaders of our country.

We are grateful to our grantee partners and other grassroots organizations led by Black, Indigenous, and people of color whose brilliant organizing strategies across issues, race, and place ensured the interests and needs of our communities were heard.

They have been leading long-standing work to advance equity and justice while ensuring the safety and long-term resilience of frontline communities for years — and 2020 has magnified the importance of their work and what’s at stake. They organized to provide mutual aid in their communities during a pandemic. They organized to push back against racial injustice across the country. They organized to get out the vote. They are extraordinary.

It is our privilege as a gender justice and racial justice funder to continue to support the leadership of these organizations in these moments and into the future. To this end, we join our partners in the call to affirm that the will of the people prevails and swear in the leaders that voters chose to move us forward together to make the world we want.

In solidarity,

Rini Banerjee