Our Mission

We make grants to people-powered organizations participating in intersecting social justice movements across the US, while investing our endowment in ways that strengthen and support those movements.

Our best hope for creating a just, equitable, and sustainable society comes from grassroots movements led by the people most impacted by injustices ā€” particularly women of color and Indigenous people ā€”since they have the clearest view of solutions.

When organizations rooted in the lived experience of communities disenfranchised by unjust social and political systems join together in coalitions and networks, they form movements that push for structural change that reshapes our world. As a private foundation that believes in building power across movements, we make grants to organizations that lead with a racial and gender justice analysis. We are also committed to 100 percent mission-aligned investing that connects with our grantmaking objectives and advances equity and transparency.

We work on multiple fronts, and on intersecting issues, to advance racial justice and gender justice, and the building of broad, progressive movements centered on what people and communities actually need.

How We Do It

Social Justice Grantmaking
We make grants to grassroots groups that advance racial justice and gender justice. Our grantmaking prioritizes organizations working on intersecting issues and led by the people most impacted by injustices. Go to Grants

Investing for Impact
We ensure that our endowment aligns with our social justice mission. Through screening, shareholder engagement, and impact investments, we work to direct our financial resources toward companies that are building the better world we envision. Go to Investing